Northwest Coffee Roasting Company

Northwest Coffee Roasting Company

We are an artisan coffee roaster serving the Saint Louis community. We embody the legacy of coffee by unifying communities, stimulating dialogue, and providing hand roasted and brewed full city coffee.

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Sloup 43 at Chronicle

Last Sunday, Chronicle hosted Sloup #43. As explained on their website, Sloup is “a monthly soup dinner in St. Louis, MO, that supports projects, primarily artistic or communicative, that need a little funding and belief.” Leading up to each Sloup event, St Louis individuals and groups send in proposals. At the event, each group speaks a little bit about their proposal, then the audience members vote. The winner gets the Sloup “pot” consisting of all of the $10 entry fees.

It was incredible to watch the crowds pour in to Chronicle for Sloup. The atmosphere was uplifting and social, and the ideas were all excellent. The winner, announced today, is A Sustainable Revolution. With the Sloup grant, Sweet Sensations will expand their work in the Greater Ville Community. Sweet Sensations is an entrepreneurial program that provides resources and work for underserved youth. Previously, they have worked with youth designing and running a beekeeping business. Now, they will be able to move forward with the creation of a “Sensational Garden.” The garden will be located on Maffitt Ave, and will be designed by the teenagers who are part of the program. It will be artistic, colorful, sustainable, and delicious. It’s an exciting and necessary project!

Other proposals included:

Conversations in Mourning
A series of workshops incorporating art, story and culture to help communities process loss. These workshops will serve as a much needed resource for communities of color who are disproportionately affected by violent deaths.

Creative Weekend
A retreat to help people focus on (all too often) unfinished creative projects. See for more details!

Imagining Compassionate St. Louis
Inspired by Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion, and compassionate cities efforts in Seattle, Houston, and Louisville, they are launching a compassionate movement in St. Louis.

Minor Lament
A  quarterly event centered around sharing adolescent artifacts. The more awkward the better. Find a old diary entry, send it to and get ready to read it aloud at the next Minor Lament event.

More Free Bikes for the Penrose Park Velodrome
Exactly what it sounds like! To race at the Velodrome, participants must have a bike that is track ready – and they are expensive! More bikes to loan out would mean more people getting to race!

St. Louis Small Press Expo
An event celebrating and bringing together small independent publishers in St. Louis. It will be held next September 26 and 27th. They are accepting applications now!

The Mighty Mississippi
Anne McCullough loves the Mississippi and wants to share its beauty, tranquility and energy with you. She is beginning to host canoe trips along the river in April.

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